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My name is Gera

It is only me behind all the beautiful brows. I was 18 when I started professionally doing hair, nails, makeup, facials, and waxing. I began doing eyebrows 7 years ago and I've been in the beauty industry since 2014, 9 years total. I've always loved anything and everything BEAUTY! With many years of experience I found a passion in eyebrows and permanent makeup. My goal has always been to help educate my clients with a beauty tip or help bring out their natural beauty; 

from learning how to draw on a wing eyeliner for a hooded eye, to teaching my clients how to fill in their eyebrows for a mini face lift. 

I am licensed in Cosmetology and Tattooing. Although, I was put down by many while I was trying to find my way, I kept pushing through. I knew knowledge and experience are qualities no one could ever take away. Consistency, Practice and Growing are my biggest motives.

I love brows and I would love to be able to work with multiple talented artists in the future and offer more than brows and PMU services. I enjoy having one on one sessions with my clients, and I don't see myself quitting from making people feel beautiful and confident by depositing a bit of color in their lives.


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