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Signature Brow Quicky


Name says it all! Walk out with our signature brow clean-up in less than 30 minutes

*Tweezing instead of waxing is an option

to maintain desired shape, book a brow quicky once a month.

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Brow Shaping


Includes Clean up (wax), tweeze, trim, highlight, fill-in

*Tweezing instead of waxing is an option

to maintain desired shape, book a shaping once a month.


Brow Tinting


Tint is applied to the brows to darken natural hair lasting for 2-3 weeks. Brow shaping is included in the service.

to maintain desired shape, book a tint every 3-4 weeks.




Brow lamination is a perm that smooths and flattens the natural brow hairs in place. This gives the brows a uniform shape, making them appear fuller; lasts up to 2 months. After the lifting process, tint is applied to darken hair and stain the skin. Brow shaping & tinting is included.

to maintain desired shape, book a lamination every 2 months. and a brow quicky inbetween. 


Add-ons Waxing

Upper Lip 








Please note certain waxing can have side effects; redness, tenderness, swelling, blemishes, etc.

All appointments are booked for an hour, if you are not sure what to book do not worry, once you are in the chair a consultation will be done to guide you to the best service. An hour is enough time for you and the artist to make any changes to the type of service booked. If you are looking into a future permanent makeup brow service, I suggest to book a brow shaping or lamination to have an idea of what you're brows will look like and be comfortable with the shape.

Brows & Waxing Cancellation Policy

We ask for a 12-hour cancellation notice prior to the scheduled appointment.

Late Policy

Clients that arrive 15 minutes late or more may be rescheduled as other clients are booked after.

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